True North Strong + Free

Wear your Red + White with Pride in our Limited Edition 100% Canadian Made Premium Apparel

Looking good never felt so good.

Made in Canada

Our Limited Edition Premium Apparel is 100% Canadian Made. All of the knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing takes place on Canadian soil.


A loonie from from every sale helps support the Canadian Red Cross' humanitarian efforts at home and overseas.


Limited Edition On the Road Edition

Available in Men's, Women's and Kids Styles



Finally, Canadiana apparel that's actually made in Canada.

Being Canadian means different things to different people. To us, a “True North Strong and Free” means a nation that is stronger because of our diversity and our freedom. We started Beaver Tooth Brand to service like-minded socially conscious Canadians who believe that national pride goes beyond wearing a t-shirt made overseas (in less than ideal work conditions), while opening our doors, our minds and our hearts to those less fortunate. That’s why we donate a loonie from every sale to the Canadian Red Cross to help with their humanitarian efforts at home and overseas. Can you buy a “Canada” t-shirt elsewhere for a lot less? Sure. But we think you’ll look and feel better in ours. We’ll let you decide.


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